Rubber-Metal Bushing

Such fasteners play an important role in applications such as vibration isolation, shock absorption and noise reduction. They are also used to limit the natural movement of materials and increase the durability of a structure or machine. Metal rubber bushings are used in many different industrial fields, from weight-bearing high-stress applications, machines requiring vibration control to automobiles and aircraft.

Application Areas; Insulation Elements, Transport and Suspension Parts, Fasteners, Industrial Machine Parts.

Rubber Diaphragm

Rubber diaphragms are a kind of mechanical element of rubber, an elastic material used in many industrial applications. The diaphragm is formed by stretching and flexing a rubber sheet or membrane in a certain way.

Application Areas; Pump and Valve Diaphragm, Audio Equipment, Automotive Industry, Pressure Control, Air Compressors.


Rubber parts used in the energy and electricity sector are used for insulation, protection, gasketing and vibration absorption in various applications. Here are some rubber parts commonly used in this sector:

Application Areas; Cable and Electrical Equipment Insulation, Gaskets, Vibration Absorbing Parts, Hoses and Seals, Rubber Feet.


Rubber parts used for protection are used to protect equipment and surfaces from impacts, abrasions, chemicals and other damaging agents in a variety of applications. These parts can be used in many different areas from industrial equipment to construction materials.

Application Areas; Coverings and Covers, Corner Protectors, Hose and Cable Protectors, Transport Bearings, Rubber Impact Shields


Rubber sealing parts are parts used to prevent or control leaks. These parts help liquids or gases to flow in a controlled manner or to seal devices. Rubber sealing parts are widely used in various industrial applications. 

Application Areas: Gaskets, O-ring, Rubber Seals, Rubber Rings, Hose and Pipe Seals, Cover Seals, Glass Cover Seals.

Vibration Damping

Vibration damping rubber parts are parts used to reduce or absorb vibrations. Such rubber parts are used to reduce the disturbance or damage caused by vibration sources in various applications. 

Insole Feet, Elastomeric Bearings, Vibration Isolation Seals, Vibration Absorbing Shoe Soles, Vibration Dampers of Rail Vehicles, Rubber Insulation Parts, Car Suspension Dampers