Rubber Compound

Rubber compounding is a material preparation process in which rubber material is mixed with various components. 

Rubber compounds in our production include NR, SBR, EPDM, NBR, PVC/NBR, CBR, VMQ (SILICONE), FVMQ, FKM, HNBR, ACM, AEM, CR, CIIR, BUTIL.

In line with sustainable production targets and the importance given to product quality, micro dosing is used in recipes and applications. Our lot (batch) works are shipped to the production line after laboratory tests.

Rubber Injection Moulding - Vacuum Compression

In line with the demands of our customers; With our increasing number of machines every year, we meet the product needs of Automotive, Energy and Electricity, Construction etc. sectors. 

With our machines between 100 kN - 250 kN, we work on dimensional, precision and visual products.

Plastic Injection Moulding

In 2022, within the scope of machine investments, it serves with special usage conditions, quality and special packaging application in line with the demands of our customers.


It is important to test, analyse and certify the physical, chemical and mechanical properties of rubber and elastomer materials. In Demirtürk laboratory; recipe design is made according to customer special specifications and functionalities. Tests requested for quality control of rubber compounds (recipes), determination of compliance with standards and product development studies are carried out. All necessary tests are carried out within the scope of reference-based specifications.

Mould Production

In line with customer demands; All necessary studies are carried out on Sample, Technical Drawing or 3D Data. Within the scope of the project work, Product or Mould Design, Material Selection, Mould Production, Mould Assembly and Integration into the Production process are completed by our Engineers and Experienced team.  After mould production; Maintenance, Repair and Storage of the moulds are carried out by us.